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Tanya's Legacy

Over 40 years ago my mum Tanya decided to set up a Dance School. She orginally ran the classes at the bottom of her family home garden, using the sheds her dad had built. Once she had enough pupils she branched out and began teaching at halls in and around the Thame area.

In 1999 when Tanya died it was her wish for me (Kerry) to continue running the Dance School - and so now here we are celebrating over 40 years running the same business, and I'm sure you'll all agree a successful one at that!

It's gone from just a few classes a week in one village to over 25 classes all  in and surrounded both Thame and Aylesbury; from two styles of dance to a wide range of styles, which now include Children's Parties, After School Clubs and much more.


It gives me great pleasure to continue my mother's work; she was always my inspiration and will always continue to be. I hope my Dance School can bring the same kind of inspiration to your children both now and for years to come.


The year's work culminates into two shows at both Summer and Christmas in which all 300 or so children have the opportunity to demonstrate just exactly what they have been getting up to!


Many of the students have progressed right the way through from Baby Ballet to the later stages, and continue to benefit from the aims Kerry has brought to the school. Her idea is to cultivate a sense of confidence and teamwork in the boys and girls who attend, by including them in the planning of the dances as well as in their execution. The children have the opportunity to be involved in the whole piece they are working on, from choosing the music to deciding on which steps to use. This has proved very successful, and it is a pleasure to see how enthusiastic they are about their participation in the process.

The TSOD Teaching Team


Dance School Principal


Naturally, as TSOD was part of Kerry's family and upbringing it was inevitable she would choose a career in dance.


Growing up Kerry trained in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Disco, Freestyle and Latin American as well as Drama and Singing. Dancing has always been number one for Kerry, but some of her other interests have been beauty and fashion.

Before running TSOD Kerry owned a Tanning and Beauty Salon in Thame and now currently owns her own clothing and accessory’s boutique. It’s fair to say she’s a bit of an entrepreneur.

As a young performer, Kerry took part in many productions locally as well as choreographing for local schools and drama groups. Through this experience, it was a career in teaching she chose, following her mother’s footsteps and continuing her legacy.

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