Weekly lessons for theFIX will be available online via our private Facebook group Thursdays 7pm - 8pm. You should be available however from 6.30pm to warm up and rehearse prior to your lesson.


In addition, each member of theFIX will be expected to submit weekly videos to Sophie (via Whatsapp) where you will be offered feedback directly. 


Payment can be made via the link below (PayPal) or alternatively you can message Kerry for bank details.


In order to keep your place in theFIX, it is important that you take part in our weekly classes, as well as submit your weekly practices. If payment is not received by July 2nd, sadly you will be removed from the group and be at risk of losing your place within theFIX. As per our normal classes, if you are not able to attend, this must be communicated with Sophie or Kerry prior to the lesson.


Finally, if your income has been affected by COVID19 and you are potentially unable to pay, please contact Kerry to discuss other options.